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Grant for Home Renovations Owning a home is a big responsibility and should be viewed as an investment that needs to be maintained. Regular upkeep is obviously needed, but often times unforeseen repairs are required to keep the home in habitable condition. Other times, homeowners find that they want to make upgrades to their home in order to make it more functional or simply to improve its value. No matter what the case may be, repairs come with the territory of homeownership.

What if a need arises for repairs and the money for them just isn’t available? Rather than live in a home that is less than desirable, some individuals are eligible for grants or loans to make improvements to their house. While there are multiple avenues one can take, here are two of the more

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Homeowners have a lot to do when the time comes to sell their home. Most know that putting in some time and effort to prepare their home for the market before listing can help them attract more buyer interest and get better offers. But along with cleaning, de-cluttering, and staging the house to make sure that it captures buyer attention, homeowners who want the best possible selling experience should also take their preparations one step further by getting ready for the inevitable––and often dreaded––buyer's home inspection. 

Start With Repair Issues

The seller's goal in preparing their home for a visit from a buyer's chosen home inspector should be to get a good overall report that will please the buyers and prevent tense discussions about

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Selling a Home Correctly Whether up-sizing, downsizing, or moving for work, chances are good you will, at some point, embark on selling your home. Selling a home is fraught with challenges, and home seller mistakes can creep up and run buyers off. Planning your selling strategy up front will help gain and keep buyer interest, and the house will sell fast. 

Here are the top home seller mistakes, and how to avoid them. 

Keeping Important Information From Buyers

Dropping a rug over stained carpet, or hanging a framed print over a hole in the wall is somewhat dishonest - fudging the truth about a known foundation issue even more so. Talking buyers into purchasing a home without the full picture is a bit suspect, it may get you in trouble if you live in a state where

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How Much Your Home Should Cost Once the decision is made to sell a home, one of the big questions on the minds of most homeowners is often about pricing. Because each home is likely to be unique in age, condition, size, location, features, and amenities, there is no good one-size-fits-all method of choosing the right price.

While sellers want to make sure they are getting as much money as possible for their homes, they also know that buyers will shy away if they set the price too high. Arriving at the right price is crucial for having a successful sale and sellers who consider the following five things are more likely to find that perfect price point for the best possible home selling experience.

The Activity of the Local Real Estate Market and any Expected Trends


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Rising Interest Rates in Real Estate While mortgage rates have been low by historic standards, they have begun to creep up. In 2017, they are expected to continue to increase. Many prospective home buyers might find this trend somewhat concerning. However, it could provide opportunities to home buyers that they may not have otherwise found.

To better understand what kind of mortgage/home purchase your finances can afford, consider speaking with a lender and/or financial advisor.

Here are a few reasons why the possible mortgage interest rate increases may not be as big a problem as some may think:

1. Tougher Mortgage Rules Can Eliminate Some Competition

Mortgages are not just more expensive right now due to higher rates, they are also more difficult to obtain. Lenders have

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Home Contract Options In most home buying situations, the buyers and sellers are likely to be strangers with no common relationship on which to base mutual trust. Luckily, the real estate contracts used by most licensed real estate professionals are designed to offer buyers and sellers a measure of protection against potentially costly issues that might arise during the transaction.

In addition to the purchase offer forms and disclosures, real estate contracts include contingencies to help buyers and sellers deal with important parts of the transaction, such as financing, appraisal, and inspections. 

Contingencies on Financing

A common contingency for buyers to use when buying a home is the one regarding financing. Basically, this contingency gives the buyer a

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Home for Sale Near Forest Area If you’re selling your home, you may have heard of the importance of boosting curb appeal. Curb appeal is what enables you to make a good first impression when buyers come to see your home. Wooded properties face a number of curb-appeal challenges, including stray organic debris, deep shade and unruly landscaping.

Knowing how to overcome those challenges can help you attract buyers when your home goes on the market.

Trim Nearby Trees

Trees that crowd your yard can plunge your lawn into deep shade, making your property look gloomy and dark. Trimming trees in the front can help your yard achieve a “sun dappled” look that makes your property cheerful and inviting. It’s especially important to trim trees that hang over your roof, as

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Home Exterior Update Homeowners know that competing for buyer attention begins long before a prospective buyer steps inside their home for a showing. To attract the attention they need, owners know that they must make sure that their homes look their best when viewed from the curb or as an online marketing photo being seen by someone across town or across the country.

This means that the exterior of the home should be readied for market with the same care that the interior is - by making sure that the surfaces are clean, attractive, and in good condition.

This necessary focus on the exterior condition of the home can lead sellers to consider making a variety of changes or upgrades, including new siding, a fresh coat of paint, or the addition of masonry, such as

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Investing in Homes It seems like many people are getting involved in flipping houses these days, thanks in large part to several popular reality TV shows. Unfortunately, for most would-be investors, real life experience with a flip property will bear little resemblance to the predictable 30-minute television segments depicting a smooth renovation and quick sale.

Buying a property to flip involves a different decision-making process than buying a home for owner occupancy. This is not an easy endeavor, and potential flippers should take caution to understand the potential pitfalls. Here are a few things would-be investors may want to keep in mind as they embark on real estate investment:

1. Anticipating Market Value

There is an old adage that real estate is

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Fixing Up Kitchen Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of a home and home sellers who want to enjoy the best possible selling experience are wise to take those words seriously. The kitchen is more than a place to prepare meals - it is also the room people tend to choose to read and drink coffee, chat with their next door neighbors, or work on assignments.

It is no wonder that prospective buyers look closely at each listing's kitchen when trying to find the best possible home for their needs. Buyers want to find a kitchen space that works well for them when preparing or storing food while also being attractive and comfortable.

Ugly kitchen cabinetry can quickly cool buyer interest and cause them to move on to the next home on their list. If you are a

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