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Buying a Smart HouseOne of the ways that sellers can make existing homes compete with new construction is with the addition of smart technology. However, a “smart home” is more of a buzz word than you might expect. With the answers to these questions, you will have a far better idea of the smart capabilities of the home you want to buy.

What Does the Smart Technology Do?

The phrase “smart technology” means different things to different people. In some cases, it might mean that the technology can make some decisions on your behalf. In others, it could give you more control over the system in different environments. If a seller is touting a home as being “smart,” you want to know the extent of it. Some so-called “smart homes” only have keyless entry or a smart

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Deck Staging for Sellers The deck is one of the main attractions of many homes, especially in the warmer months. Homeowners thinking about selling their home can improve their chances of a good offer by taking steps to clean, repair and decorate their deck before putting their home on the market. 


Having a clean deck is both appealing to buyers and a good starting point to assess its state before listing. To clean the deck, clear away any furniture, then use a wide, flat broom to sweep the wood. Watch for signs of mold, mildew and rotten boards. Mold and mildew will be brown or black and will often appear in wet patches where the wood stayed moist. To remove mold or mildew, use a homemade cleaner to kill the mold and clean the wood. One recipe for such a

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Memorial DayThis weekend we honor and remember the ultimate sacrifice of those who have served in our military.  As this year’s Military Appreciation Month comes to a close, David and I wish everyone a safe and fun filled holiday. Thank you to our Military and their Families for your sacrifice and service!

Here are a few of the DC events for this Memorial Day weekend:

27th Annual Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally
Sunday, May 25, 2014

In case you are new to the area and wonder why there are so many motorcycles on the road,  Sunday the 27th Annual Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally will be held.  This is the largest single motorcycle event of its kind with over 900,000 motorcyclists from around the world. Rolling Thunder serves to remind us that the search for our

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Buying Former Rentals to Live In A rental property will often sell for less than an owner-occupied home, which means that some rental properties can be a great deal for home buyers. Still, rental properties can have specific problems. Home buyers must investigate their purchase thoroughly before finalizing a deal.

Get a Good Inspection

Rental properties can have maintenance problems for a variety of reasons. Tenants may not take care of their home as well as a homeowner might, because they feel little or no investment in the property. Sometimes property owners feel less responsibility to keep up with a rental home because they aren’t there to live with the problem personally. Some property owners are never made aware of the problems with a rental home, while others may

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Buying and Renting when in the Military It is no secret that military households quickly become experts at packing up their homes and establishing a new one somewhere across the country, or even across the globe. But for many, deciding whether to buy or rent that next home can be a difficult question, even when the move is considered a Permanent Change of Station, or PCS. Although everybody's needs and situations are likely to be at least somewhat different, taking time to consider the following points can make the choice easier and help to ensure that it is the right one to make.

Consider the location and any future plans related to it

The actual location of the new base or post is a critical piece of information. If the area is one in which you would enjoy living after

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Mortgage Payment Frequently Asked Questions After you buy a home and have a mortgage loan, obviously you are expected to make monthly payments to pay it back. But often, there are other charges on the monthly mortgage statement that new homeowners may not be familiar with.

Below are many of the most frequently asked questions about mortgage payments. The information details some of the more common terms & charges that may be associated with your monthly mortgage payment, how those expenses may be determined, and whether or not they will change over time.

Have questions about your mortgage? Always consult with your mortgage lender for advice specific to your needs.


  • 1. Mortgage Principal
  • 2. Principal Information
  • 3. Interest Only
  • 4. Adjustable Rate
  • 5.
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Selling a House with Solar Panels Installed Solar power is far from a new idea. In fact, the development of solar energy began well over a century ago, with the first solar panels being invented way back in 1954. But even with such an extensive history, the number of homes that have solar power capabilities is still estimated to number at only about one million, as of 2016. With the vast majority of homes still using conventional electricity sourced from the electrical grid, owners of solar homes can face unique difficulties when it comes time to sell. 

Educating Buyers on Solar Electricity

Even though solar power is far from new, it is still regarded with some concern by the majority of home buyers. Worries about repair costs and dependability can keep even the most interested buyers

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Market Square Old Town AlexandriaFor those who have served, for those who do serve, and for those who will serve; we thank you and your families for your service and sacrifice. We are forever in your debt.

Please take the time to honor our Veterans and thank them for their service.

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The month of November has been recognized as Military Family Appreciation month. It is the time to remember that each day of our security and freedom is due to the service of the members of our Armed Forces and their families. Our brave service men and women are supported by family members and loved ones sharing in their sacrifice and unending support. We express our appreciation to those families for all they do.

Today we celebrate Veterans Day. Veterans Day was established in 1918 at the end of World War I on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month as that was the commencement of the Armistice with Germany. It is on Veterans Day that we pause to honor and celebrate the people who have served in our Armed Forces. If you know a military

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