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Tips for Choosing the Right Home Style for YouThere are few homeowners who don't want to change up the style of their home every once in a while. It's truly incredible how even a few changes can make residents view rooms in completely different ways. (This can be a truly welcome relief for people who have been in the same place for a long time.) But not everyone knows exactly what type of home style they prefer. For a little more perspective, it's time for homeowners to consider how they can use different styles to improve their home.

Determining Stylistic Preference in a Home

Getting started is as easy as asking a few questions about what a homeowner really wants from their decor. Some homes welcome a person immediately with fun colors and whimsical touches everywhere. Some are much

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How Drones Can Help Sell Your HomeReal estate photography has been around for a long time. Homeowners hoping to sell often turn to professional photographers to make their home look beautiful and charming for listings. While photography is essential for making a good home sale, it also has shortcomings. Many home buyers find that real estate photography leaves out important information that could be useful during the home search. Fortunately, there are many new forms of media that can help home sellers better market their home, as well as give buyers a sense of what a home is like.

The Problem With Standard Real Estate Photography

Standard real estate photography is used to create beautiful still images of homes, generally from the ground perspective. However, there are some

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What Is an HOA?When people start looking to buy a home, they may discover many references to a homeowners association. These tips help home buyers understand what a HOA does, and how it might affect the buying process.

HOAs Manage Structures and Services

The concept of a homeowners association may seem like it is limited to multifamily properties like condominiums and townhomes. However, there are single-family subdivisions and neighborhoods that use HOA services, as well. For communities where homeowners share control over certain aspects of the property, the HOA sets rules and collects dues.

HOA dues may pay for maintenance of the communal areas, such as landscaping and snow removal. They also pay for upgrades to common structures, and access to

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How to Handle a Home ForeclosureForeclosure is a legal process in which the bank holding a mortgage on a home takes ownership of the property or forces the sale of the property. It occurs when a homeowner fails to make payment or otherwise violates the mortgage contract he or she signed with the lender. Foreclosure is not only a complex process but a costly one with long-term consequences on an individual's finances.

Foreclosure hit an all-time high during the housing crisis that began in mid-2007. Since that time, over 75 million homes were foreclosed upon in the United States, according to the report, "United States Residential Foreclosure Crisis: 10 Years Later", from CoreLogic. At its peak, the national foreclosure rate was 3.6 percent. As of December of 2016, that has

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5 Painting Hacks to Simplify Interior Home Improvement ProjectsSome homeowners never tire of updating their home interior color schemes while others simply despise the time-consuming and often messy chore of painting. However, these five simple home painting tricks will benefit current painting enthusiasts and maybe even help stage a home that a homeowner is trying to sell.

1. Invest in Quality Paint

Here are some facts about the benefits of using quality paint. While the cheaper options may seem great at the time, low quality paint will cost you more time both now and in the future. Premium paint applies easier, more smoothly and evenly, and spatters much less the during application process than discount brands. Furthermore, less applications are typically necessary and these paints are designed for

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Tips for Winterizing Your HomeAs winter descends upon the northern portion of the country each year, homeowners from coast to coast begin to prepare their properties for the harsh weather that lies ahead. Endless winds, sub-zero temperatures and constant precipitation in the form of snow and ice can wreak havoc on a house, especially if the home was not properly winterized.

While there are obvious things that homeowners must do to winterize their homes, there are some details that can easily go unnoticed. These are small steps to take that play an important role in protecting any type of property for the duration of the winter season.

Add Weatherstripping to Windows and Doors

Minor cracks and gaps in doors and windows can lead to a variety of problems for homeowners.

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The Importance of Finding an Agent with Excellent Customer ServiceIt's not always a given that customer service is a priority for home buyers. They may care far more about the commission the agent charges or their experience in specific types of markets. But discounting the value of the relationship between buyer and agent can lead to an extremely unpleasant experience for the new homeowner. It may even lead them to feel resentful upon moving in when they should be feeling victorious.

Home Buying Is a Process

A real estate agent and a home buyer are going to spend a lot of time together, between home showings and the escrow period. Sometimes searching for a home can take multiple weekends, which means plenty of face time with the agent. Even if a home buyer knows exactly which home they want, they're going

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Tools to Buy When You Buy a Home

Are you in the process of buying your first home? If so, you're going to need some basic tools. Most new homeowners soon find themselves knee-deep in home improvement projects like painting, removing old carpet, taking down old blinds, installing new blinds, refinishing doors, replacing fixtures and installing shelves. These tools will help you with all your various projects around your brand new house!

Hammers, Nails, Screws and Screwdrivers

For a while after moving in, hammers, nails, screws and screw drivers come in handy on a daily basis. You'll need these tools for everything from hanging blinds to putting up art on the walls. Buy nails and screws of various sizes if you're not sure what type or size to buy; you'll be grateful to

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Risks of Selling a Home Without a Real Estate AgentIf a homeowner is selling their home without employing a real estate agent, this sale is considered an FSBO, or "for sale by owner" real estate transaction. The main reason people forego hiring a real estate agent when selling their home is to avoid paying a commission fee to an agent. Commission rates are typically based on percentages, and thus, they vary based on the price of the house.

Homeowners selling their home FSBO may still need to enlist the assistance of a real estate attorney to ensure the right documents are used, completed and submitted. In addition, FSBO sellers are responsible for marketing the home and setting appointments with potential buyers.

Disadvantages to Selling a Home as FSBO

If a homeowner decides to go the FSBO

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All About Escrow for BuyersThe escrow period is a normal part of the home buying process, but to many home buyers, the concept of escrow is confusing. Knowing what escrow is, what your responsibilities are and what to expect throughout the process can help make buying a home a little less stressful.

What Is Escrow?

An escrow service is a neutral third-party business that tracks the various documents and financial exchanges between a home buyer and the seller. The escrow service ensures that all documents are all collected and properly filled out, and that both parties are meeting their obligations. Escrow holds onto the deposit, called "earnest money," that the home buyer puts down after a contract has been signed by the seller.

"Escrow" is also the name for the

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