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Residential Building VS Existing Homes: What to Know Before BeginningMaking the decision to buy vacant land and build a new home is an excellent way to get the best of both worlds—the right property and a home that fulfills the needs and wants of the buyer. But for those who are new to this type of purchase, there are some key differences from buying a home that will need to be addressed before signing any purchase offer on vacant land.

Make Sure the Land Conforms to the Project Plans

The first issue that should be addressed when purchasing a vacant parcel of property for the purpose of building a home is to make sure that the land and the home you plan to build are both legally permissible. Unlike an existing home that has already either been built to conform or grandfathered into compliance, a new parcel of

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Focus on Sustainable Building for Green HomesSustainability is an important concept for home buyers to understand, since the sustainability of the homes they buy and build can affect the price and the way they live. These five sustainable building practices for new homes are increasing in popularity around the country.

1. Metal Roofing

Years ago, many people believed that metal roofing was intended only for industrial building purposes. Currently, builders and home buyers alike realize that metal roofing presents an attractive option that is highly sustainable. A metal roof may be one of the more expensive roofing materials and is moderately resource-intensive to produce, but it is built to last decades. Home buyers may even be able to purchase metal for a roof from another metal roof,

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How to Re-Insulate Your HomeThere are very few homes out there (even newer ones) that were designed with pure energy efficiency in mind. Unfortunately, owners may be surprised at just how much heated or cooled air is going directly to the Great Outdoors or into unused spaces of the home (e.g., an attic or basement.) See when it's a good time to add more insulation, what to consider before adding it, and how to get the right materials for it.

The Basics of Insulation

Most homeowners aren't inspecting the state of their insulation on a regular basis, so it comes down to context clues. If utility bills are starting to climb higher and higher every month or ice dams are constantly forming on the roof, it may be time to add additional insulation to the home. Insulation isn't

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A Basic Guide to Home SecurityAutomation and Smart Home features are selling points in today's market. A majority of both owners and buyers report that they would spend money for home security and at least some automated or smart capability. But what if your home isn't yet equipped with controllable heat and air conditioning, a security camera or whole-house energy-saving features?

Is it worth it to look at home security features, and how much are you likely to spend?

Simple Home Security

Wireless, customizable home security systems are extremely affordable, typically running between less than $100, depending on what features are chosen. Some have an audible siren, but are integrated with a cell phone or wireless mobile device to allow remote operation. Others require

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How to Prevent Common Home Safety HazardsInjuries in the home cause 20,000 deaths per year, with 10 percent of these fatalities involving children. Too often, home owners only realize there's a safety hazard in the home when it's too late—for instance, after a forgotten candle has caused a fatal home fire. You'll greatly reduce your risk of harm by learning about common safety hazards and by safeguarding your home today, especially against damage not covered by home insurance.


Falls account for forty percent of injuries in the home. While anyone can be harmed by a tumble, children and older adults face the greatest risk of physical injury from a fall. Pets cause many falls by getting underfoot. Consider placing a small bell on your pet's collar so you'll know if they are

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Common Home Security Measures You Should TakeHome security should be one of the most important things that you focus on. The last thing you want is an intruder coming into your home to steal the things you have worked hard for or coming in to harm you. You need to be able to deter anyone from wanting to enter into your home which is why it is important to take specific safety and security measures to protect your Lorton home.

Exterior Lighting

A great way to prevent people from trying to break into your property is by ensuring that the property is well lit. You want to make sure that you light the home from the outside with some bright lights. Someone will be less likely to break into a home that is well lit on the exterior because they will not be able to hide away in the shadows.

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What To Do About Mold in a HomeMold can impact your health and your home's value. Even non-toxic mold can create an unhealthy environment occupants. What do homeowners need to know about mold in a home and what are their options?

Maintain home value and head off the first signs of mold. Understand more about mold and how to remedy the situation, so that when the time comes to sell your home, you are prepared.

Potential Red Flags

Homeowners and family members can easily walk around a home without realizing that mold is starting to take hold. Mold can form between bathroom tiles, around leaky pipes and even inside the walls in a home. Areas in a home with a high-moisture content, such as bathrooms, basements or crawlspaces can be the perfect environment for the growth of

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Brighten Your Home With These Popular Lighting OptionsMaking a home bright and welcoming can be a struggle depending on the layout of the home. Homeowners may or may not be able to get a lot of natural light into the home and if they cannot, then they are left with trying to find a way to make the interior lighting amazing. Even if homeowners can get some natural light into the home, choosing the right interior lighting options can make all the difference in how the home looks and feels, especially in homes with small rooms or low ceilings.

Overhead Ambient Lighting

One of the most popular interior lighting options is overhead or ambient lighting. This is the type of lighting that can really take over the entire room. Because the main goal of this type of lighting is to light the entire room, it

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Common Household Pest That Cause Chaos and Can Potentially Spread DiseasesThere are many types of common household pests that can work their way into the home with ease. Insects and wildlife can range from tiny creepy crawlers to sizable wildlife. Regardless of their size, some of these critters can cause quite a bit of damage and be a nuisance in the home. These are some common household insects and wildlife that owners should consider eradicating.

Common Household Insects That Burden Homeowners

Cockroaches—These pests love to invade warm homes and can hide in cracks and wall cavities and often creep out at night to feed on the owner's food. While they may seem harmless, many cockroaches carry diseases such as poliomyelitis and salmonella and can cause dysentery in humans.

Wasps—These flying pests have a fierce

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What Homeowner's Insurance May Not CoverIt is only after homeowners submit a claim to their insurance companies that many find out that what they thought would be covered is not under their current homeowner's policy. Avoid being taken by surprise by know what is generally covered and what will not be covered under a selected homeowner's policy. There are different policies available including the most basic of homeowner's insurance. Understand more about what damage may not be covered in a standard Old Town Alexandria home insurance policy.

Insurance Does Not Cover All Damage

Homeowners need to take the time to understand what types of damage will be covered in their regular homeowners insurance policy when they buy their home and have it insured. In a recent survey 81 percent of

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