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Craft Beer and Microbrews in Alexandria, VABeer has always been a part of Alexandria's history, and even today, its residents are dedicated to the art of crafting cold, delicious beer. Residents of the city, commuters from Washington D.C. and tourists alike all enjoy visiting the various pubs and breweries in the city. These establishments often nod to the history of the region while also creating beers that cater to the likes of modern individuals.

Here's a look at a few of the best breweries in Alexandria, VA.

Port City Brewing

Renewing the city's commitment to the beer industry, Port City Brewing opened for business in 2011—making it one of the oldest operating craft breweries in the D.C. metropolitan area. It came to the region to fill a void that had been left behind in the

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5 Things Buyers Should Know About Mortgage Interest RatesAnyone who pays the slightest attention to financial news has probably heard that interest rates have power to affect the home buying market. The amount of interest that people pay for what is generally the largest loan they will ever take has a significant effect on the loan and borrowers' ability to access it. This guide identifies how interest rates can change a mortgage applicant's buying power, as well as the real estate market at large.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

1. How Do Average Mortgage Interest Rates Change?

Like other interest rates, mortgage interest rates tend to go up and down over time. Although changes from one

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How to Hire a Land SurveyorA land survey is meant to detail the finer points of a homebuyer's potential new property. There are a few different kinds of surveys, but most will list the boundaries of the property as well as any pertinent features of the home that may affect a buyer's decision. So if the water manes are located in a precarious position, a buyer has a chance to back out of the sale before they buy land that poses a potential hazard (or have the seller fix it before they move in.) Here are five tips to ensure buyers end up on the right end of the stick.

Walk the Property

The land surveyor will be able to point out not just the key topographical markers on the grounds of the property, but also potentially important markers on the surrounding property as

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Where to Go in Alexandria to Experience HistoryIn a town once called home by George Washington, tourists and residents alike know they're in for a history lesson at practically every turn. Luckily, Alexandria, VA has some historic monuments that are as fascinating as they are educational. With hundreds of locations that commemorate our nation's early beginnings, here are the top monuments that no one should miss, whether they're in Alexandria for a day or a decade.

Carlyle House

In the 1700s, John Carlyle completed this incredible mansion in Old Town Alexandria, complete with gorgeous gardens and grounds. This stone masterpiece is pure Georgian architecture and it played a pivotal role in the French and Indian War. Today, the park is owned and operated by NOVA Parks, and visitors are

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How to Spot a Housing BubbleA housing bubble can be a wonderful thing for a seller who's planning to move to a far less expensive part of the country, but it can be a nightmare for buyers and local sellers alike. And unfortunately, it's not always as easy as a person might think it is to spot. For example, Southern California may have seen a burst after the Great Recession, but their values have only climbed since then. If a buyer was waiting for a decline, they might be waiting for longer than they ever imagined. For buyers who can afford to exercise a little patience, look for these five neighborhood traits before deciding one way or the other.

Home Prices Exceed Average Salaries

When the average salary of a neighborhood is $35,000 a year but the average cost of a

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Top Lunch Spots in AlexandriaThose looking to explore the Alexandria, VA area need a nice spot to stop and refuel. There are a number of Alexandria restaurants and more offering a range of different cuisines at varying price points. Make plans to sit down and savor lunch at one of these choice establishments in the Alexandria area.

Popular Alexandria Eateries

Residents and visitors to Alexandria will be able to pop in or linger over delicious fare at one of the following restaurants. A trip to the area is not complete without dining at one of these local establishments.

Rustico in Alexandria offers a number of favorites in an inviting atmosphere. Those needing a savory lunch can choose from sandwiches including Cubano and Crispy Fried Chicken, combine it with either a

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What to Know About Renting Out Your Vacation HomeRenting out your vacation home when it's not in use is a good way to pick up extra income and pay for your second home's mortgage. These tips will help you attract guests to your property.

Get Professional Photographs, Write Attractive Ads

The key to attracting renters to your property is in crafting smart advertisements. Good photography and well-written descriptions can help. Work with a professional real estate photographer to get attractive photographs that show off the best qualities of your vacation home. Write advertisements that list all of the home's amenities. If possible, emphasize qualities like:

  • Good location.
  • Relaxing environment.
  • Fully stocked kitchen.
  • Distance from local attractions.
  • Sleeping accommodations
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The 3 Best Ice Cream Shops in Alexandria, VAIce cream is the frozen treat that never goes out of style, but there's no use pretending that all of it is created equal. Some people just take a little more pride in what they do by truly infusing their passion into their creations. Alexandria may not have quite the same selection as nearby D.C. but that doesn't mean they won't be able to find a neighborhood shop that sports their favorite flavors. For the lucky people who live here, they won't go wrong at any of the following spots.

The Dairy Godmother

Topping the list for its cute name and inventive ice cream flavors, visitors rave about not only the ice cream but also the custard, sorbet, and frozen yogurt. Their marshmallows, just like most everything else in the shop, are handmade.

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Tips for Getting the Best Deal on a Jumbo LoanAs a home buyer might imagine, jumbo loans have different terms and conditions than standard mortgage options because the lender is giving up a substantial amount of money to a single client. While jumbo loans have become easier to obtain, there are still plenty of caveats for home buyers to learn. But for confident home buyers who know they have the financial stamina to see the loan through, a jumbo loan may be the only way to break into a much nicer neighborhood (and increase the chances of a dramatic appreciation).

How Jumbo Loans Work

There are no set limits when it comes to a jumbo loan. Most people think the conforming limit is around $453,100 or so, but the truth is that a jumbo loan is based on the property values of the surrounding

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What to Know About Property TaxesFirst-time homeowners may know little about property taxes and how to potentially reduce their tax obligations. It is common to not understand much about property taxes and how to actually benefit from paying property taxes on a new Lorton home.

Learn more about property taxes, tax breaks from paying property taxes and how to potentially reduce property tax amounts today.

What Are Property Taxes?

Any real estate property will be assessed and owner(s) will need to pay property taxes. This amount of the tax is related to the property's value. A municipal or local government generally assesses the property and determines the property tax. The majority of property taxes are levied on properties that include land, immovable improvements and

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