4 Essential Tips for Selling a Home with Pets

Pet Owner Home SellingAll pet owners love their pets, but unless that pet is a pet rock, there’s a good chance it has left a mark on everything around it, whether it’s in the form of fur, scratch marks, or strange smells. Pets can unfortunately make a home more difficult to sell, especially if there’s visible evidence of them living there. Here are four tips to help repair the damage done by man’s best friend before putting up the for sale sign.

Fixing Scratched Floors

Unfortunately, no floors are safe from an animal’s claws when they start running, and hard wood floors are especially susceptible to damage. For scratches of all kinds, whether they’re a gift from a dog or cat or just everyday living, there are products made specially to repair them, such as stain markers.

These markers come in a variety of shades to match any sort of wood, but for floors that have endured more than just a few battle scars, markers may not be enough. In these cases, sanding and refinishing could be the best option short of replacing the entire floor, but it’s best to consult a specialist to get a professional opinion before starting a project.

Cleaning Rubbing on Walls

Cats love rubbing themselves on anything and everything around them and leave big black marks in the process, which most commonly appear on corners and doorjambs. Fortunately, cleaning these marks isn’t difficult. 

The trickiest part of removing rubbing marks is to do so without damaging the paint underneath. Oil and latex paints can each endure different methods of cleaning, but the wrong type of cleaning agents can damage the paint if used incorrectly. Using a sponge on an oil-painted wall could finish the job perfectly, but the same strategy could strip the paint off of a latex-painted wall. It’s essential to check what sort of paint is on the wall to choose the best method for removing the marks.

Getting Rid of Smells

Even if there’s never been an “accident” inside, some pets have a distinct odor that can cling to the entire home, and that smell can turn buyers away from well-priced homes in strong real estate markets like Alexandria. Carpeting, sofas, and pet beds are all prime suspects when it comes to holding in odors. To combat this, a vacuum cleaner can work wonders collecting all the hairballs that get stuck between the couch cushions, and pet beds can be thrown into a large plastic bag temporarily. Carpet can be a bit more tricky, but a combination of baking soda and vinegar is a simple solution that doesn’t require buying expensive specialized products. 

Pets at an Open House

When it comes time to finally put the house on the market and let people view it for themselves, the best strategy regarding pets is to take them somewhere they can’t accidentally interfere. During an open house, locking a pet away in a room is a poor idea when people come in wanting to see the entire home, but letting a pet wander could potentially end with it slipping outside and running away or causing trouble for visitors who are uncomfortable with animals. Keeping pets away from home viewings creates a safe environment for both the pets and the guests in the home.

Asking a friend or neighbor to watch the dog or cat for an afternoon is one possible solution, but for those who can’t find help, there are specialty pet daycares that will do everything necessary to keep them happy while away from home. 

Beloved pets don’t have to become burdens while selling a home so long as the proper steps are taken to prepare. With a little bit of work, homeowners can make their home more inviting to buyers while still being able to enjoy their pets.

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