5 Benefits of Using Virtual Reality to Sell Your Home

Should I Use Virtual Reality to Sell My Home?Virtual reality (VR) is still relatively new in real estate, but it's clear to many professionals that there's something to the technology - other than just having a smart home. Construction workers are using it to learn the real-world hazards of a site before they have a chance to be injured, and real estate agents are using it to sell luxury homes. Sellers who have a property worth showcasing in this light may want to consider the benefits before they put their home on the market.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

More Eyes

A single buyer may visit dozens of properties over the course of their search, and these frequent outings are both time-consuming and exhausting. Buyers may end up abruptly ending their search out of frustration—even if they aren't convinced of the home they buy. VR allows people to see the home without leaving the comfort of a real estate agent's office, giving a seller a chance to make an impression on more people. As more people view and connect to the property, it's likely to spark the interest a seller needs to surpass the property's market value.

Excellent Visuals

VR may seem like an expensive substitute for a video tour to some, but the idea is to help people feel as though they're already living in the home. It's more likely for a buyer to take an immediate sense of ownership when they can really picture themselves living somewhere. These guided VR visits let people step into a different world and experience a house on a new level. It forges a more personal bond than if buyers had to see the home with dozens of other open house attendees.

Less Hassle

A real estate agent who can give clients virtual tours is one who is proactive enough to answer buyer questions before they even have a chance to ask them. This can free up an agent's time while putting a buyer's mind at ease. It all translates to a more streamlined home sale for the seller. Considering just how fraught the escrow process can be, VR can be a great way to start the home sale process off right.

Extras Are Available

There's a lot of technology for buyers today, including virtual reality programs that allow them to see into the future. Let's say a buyer has a unique vision for their next home, and they're considering a certain property to execute their plans. New VR options give them a way to see the room exactly as they would decorate and design it. It can be exactly what a hesitant buyer needs to increase their offer. Other options include mortgage calculations and neighborhood descriptions, giving a total perspective for the buyer to really consider.

Global Possibilities

An Alexandria real estate agent halfway around the world can show a VR tour as easily as an agent across the road. This concept goes far beyond that of extra eyes on the property because sellers can use VR to attract people of every variety. VR can add a prestige factor for the property while bringing in that many more inquiries about the house.

VR isn't necessarily recommended for smaller homes. The cost to do the tours may be impractical for the listing price of the home. But sellers of luxury homes should consider VR if they're looking for a way to help their home stand apart.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

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