7 Different Fencing Options for Your Yard

Home Fencing Options Offer Great Visual VarietyA fence can be a stylish and practical accent to your home's architecture, showcase a view, or provide privacy and security. Your choices depend on your needs as well as your budget.

If the goal is simply to enclose the back yard, there are numerous attractive, practical, and cost-effective choices. Even the simplest fencing will benefit from perimeter landscaping. Trees or flowering shrubs are a wise alternative to privacy fencing if you aren't concerned about straying pets. Here are 7 great options to consider.

Classic Wood Panel Privacy Fence

In many suburban areas, this is the go-to choice for a back yard. Usually six to seven feet in height, such fencing may be solid, half-open, or designed as a board and batten enclosure, making it feel less confining.

Bamboo or Rattan Fencing

With a kind of tropical appeal, this might be just the right choice for warm-weather climates or to provide a measure of privacy for a pool or play area. Because individual stalks are wired together either horizontally or vertically, this type of fence will allow some breeze to flow through while shielding a yard effectively.

Metal Fencing

Tall or short, iron fencing can be as simple or as ornate as you wish. If you think wrought iron is only for large estates with massive gates, investigate newer alternatives for metal fencing that are sleek and contemporary with painted or powder-coated finishes.

Chain Link

Chain link fencing isn't normally an aesthetic option. However, it's a great choice for a large lot or rural property, and it's virtually maintenance-free. Plant shrubbery, easy-to-manage decorative grasses, or flowering vines to soften the appearance and add charm if you end up choosing this option.

Brick or Stone

Brick or stone fencing is traditional, functional, long-lasting, and upscale. A low stone wall topped with a metal railing or decorative wood panels is eye-catching, architecturally interesting, and functional. It can also be a primary focal point in the landscape. Mix it with another perimeter fencing as a budget-friendly option.

Rustic Split Rail

A "country cousin" to the more sophisticated and traditional white picket fence, split rail can add character to a city cottage or a suburban ranch. Normally, the rails are left unstained to weather naturally, which can be a welcome bonus.

Solid Panels

While panels may not be considered fencing in the usual sense, they can be used effectively to shield a patio. Tile, stucco, or even a painted mural can decorate the inside to add a distinct character. A trendy alternative, for a golf course lot or beach property, or for an outdoor deck, is see-through panels that capture the view but provide a measure of security.

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