Five Easy Home Painting Tips to Streamline Projects Every Time

5 Painting Hacks to Simplify Interior Home Improvement ProjectsSome homeowners never tire of updating their home interior color schemes while others simply despise the time-consuming and often messy chore of painting. However, these five simple home painting tricks will benefit current painting enthusiasts and maybe even help stage a home that a homeowner is trying to sell.

1. Invest in Quality Paint

Here are some facts about the benefits of using quality paint. While the cheaper options may seem great at the time, low-quality paint will cost you more time both now and in the future. Premium paint applies easier, more smoothly and evenly, and spatters much less the during application process than discount brands. Furthermore, less applications are typically necessary and these paints are designed for durability and easy cleanup. Be sure to look for low and VOC-free paint options to reduce harmful inhalants and toxic exposure.

2. Adequately Protect Flooring and Other Surfaces

Professional painting contractors invest in heavy canvas drop cloths, and so should homeowners who want to streamline the project. While cheaper, plastic drop cloths don't drape well over many furnishings and wrap around corners like canvas does. Furthermore, a canvas is designed to absorb paint, while plastic will simply puddle the paint and make walkways slippery. As a bonus, a canvas is washable and reusable for future projects in your Kingstowne home.

3. Alternatives to Painters Tape

It can take almost as long to apply painters tape on windowsills, fixtures, switch plates and doorknobs as it does to complete the task. However, the project can be simplified by using aluminum foil for wrapping many implements, or by using an old hairdresser hack—apply a protective layer of petroleum jelly on them to prevent color absorption. These options clean up easily and won't leave any sticky adhesive behind.

4. Rubber Band Paint Cans

For small jobs and touch-ups, here's an alternative to dirtying an entire paint tray. Yet, painting directly from the can causes drips outside the can when dabbing the brush. It also can cause paint to settle into the rim, making replacing the lid afterward tricky. Solve these issues by vertically wrapping a large rubber band around the opened can to create a temporary brush wiper.

5. Paint Pan Liner Tips

Never hassle again with the stress and hassle of cleaning up paint trays after each project or when changing colors. Simply take some plastic bags such as the kind from the grocery or small to medium trash bags, and wrap pan liner with them. Pans will be ready to go with no clean-up necessary. Plastic bags are also handy for short-term brush storage to keep paint from drying out and making the brushes hard. Use one of those paint can rubber bands to wrap around the brush bag to create a seal. This brush sealing option is much cheaper than using storage bags.

These home painting tips are ideal for most small projects, but larger ones may best be left to the pros. Contact a local home improvement professional to learn more.

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