How to Verify and Improve Your Home's Air Quality

Should I Be Concerned About My Home's Air Quality?To a certain extent, homeowners don't need to be told about the quality of the air in their Fort Hunt home or how to improve it. Residents know when the home smells musty and needs to be aired out. Or they know when dust is piling up simply by looking at the many particles in a shaft of light. But sometimes, there's a little more to air quality, and it helps to understand the basics for anyone who wants to avoid upper respiratory problems.

Inspect the Home

Even for owners with no discernible breathing problems, it's still recommended for everyone to inspect their home. The air quality may be largely perfect in the upstairs bedrooms, but humid in the basement bathroom. In addition to general humidity, homeowners may see the very beginning signs of mold as an indication they need more ventilation in certain areas.

Buy Detectors

There are several devices that will give homeowners an idea of their home's air quality:

  • Carbon monoxide: This device will detect the undetectable force that is carbon monoxide. Because there are no sensory signs for this gas (e.g., odor, taste, color, etc.), homeowners may live with this deadly substance for weeks without knowing it.
  • Radon: This gas can be found in both soil and well water and its particles can become stuck in residents' lungs. A detector is the only way to determine if the home has it, and it's highly recommended for all homes (regardless of age, type, or size).
  • Air quality: There are a number of monitors that will test for all kinds of allergens, as well as volatile organic compounds and humidity.

Improving the Air

Even people without allergies should be taking steps to keep the home clean. This may include anything from changing the filters more often to hiring a professional to rid the home of dangerous gases.

Air quality is crucial for residents to stay healthy. From seemingly harmless dust to deadly carbon monoxide, the consequences of poor air quality are serious. It's also important to stay on top of the matter. Anything from sudden construction to strong winds can change the air quality in an instant.

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