How to Pack Items for a Move

How to Pack to Move Into a New HomePacking for a move involves more than just throwing things in boxes. Large, fragile and awkwardly shaped items all need special attention. Organization in packing will also encourage a smooth reassembling of the household. Before the packing even starts, approach with a plan to streamline the process and protect belongings.

Get Rid of Extraneous Possessions

Moving is a great excuse to clean out things no longer being used. Valuable items can be sold at garage sales or on websites like Craigslist and eBay. Just about anything can be donated to thrift stores such as Goodwill, so long as they are in “gently used” condition, which can be written off taxes as charitable donations.

Every discarded item is an item which does not need to be packed or unpacked. It saves both time and space. And it also allows buyers to have a fresh start in their new Fort Hunt home, unburdened by things which are no longer important to them.

Small Boxes for Heavy Items

A person can only carry so much weight. Fill a large box with heavy objects, and it can be impossible to move. In addition, the box itself may be unable to support its contents. Heavy items should go into small boxes. Save the large boxes for light items such as clothing and bedding.

Organize and Label

It may be easy to throw items randomly in boxes, but it will make unpacking a nightmare. Pack similar items from a room together and clearly label boxes on both the top and sides. Even better, create a master inventory list and number boxes so they can be referenced. Finally, load everything from a room together so it is quicker to unload from the truck and stay organized.

Use Trash Bags for Soft Items

Due to the variety of shapes and sizes of boxes and furniture, even the best packed moving truck will have void spaces. Pack soft items like clothes in trash bags which can be stuffed into gaps.

Take Care with Fragile Items

Wrap fragile items individually. That means every plate, every drinking glass and every knick-knack. Items can easily break when rattling against one another. Simply padding the outside of a stack of china is not enough. 

Use Blankets to Cushion Breakables

Cushion fragile items in blankets, towels and similar items. By forgoing bubble wrap, this move is environmentally friendly. In addition, it will save on space as the blankets fill voids inside boxes rather than getting their own dedicated containers.

Tape Everything

Every box should be securely taped on both top and bottom. Do not close them by interlocking the flaps.

Photograph Electronics

Electronic setups such as computers and televisions can be complicated affairs. Photograph how all the wires connect to simplify setting them up again in the new house.

Moving is an extended process, and it pays to devote time and energy to it. Staying organized, protecting valuables and filling voids will help simplify any move and get a household relocated with minimal stress. 

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