8 Affordable Towns Near Washington D.C.: Budget-Friendly Homes

Affordable Communities Near Washington DCs

Those searching for affordable places to live near Washington, DC, might be surprised by the variety of options available in the capital's best suburbs. The proximity to the district doesn't always mean exorbitant housing costs. By exploring some of the nearby towns, visitors can discover charming neighborhoods that offer both affordability and convenience. So, whether you're commuting to DC for work or want to stay close to the action without breaking the bank, these areas might be a perfect fit.

5 Cheap Places to Live near DC

  • Alexandria, VA, offers a median home price of $520,700 and a median monthly rent of $1,611.
  • Woodbridge, VA, provides a balance between urban and suburban amenities with affordable living options.
  • Arlington, VA, boasts proximity to Washington, DC, public transportation, and parks with a median home price of $625,600.
  • Fairfax, VA, features a median home price of $487,700, attractions like EagleBank Arena, and dining options.
  • Silver Spring, MD, offers affordable housing with a median home price of $469,800, recreational opportunities, and a diverse community.

Affordable Virginia Towns Near DC

Where to Find Affordable Living Near DC in Virginia

If you're on the lookout for budget-friendly living near DC, consider exploring Northern Virginia towns like Alexandria, Woodbridge, Arlington, Fairfax, and McLean. These areas offer a mix of affordability and convenience, making them appealing options for those seeking cost-effective housing near the nation's capital. With its proximity to Washington, DC, living in Northern Virginia provides a range of choices for those seeking affordable living options.


Moving to Alexandria is a top choice among affordable Virginia towns for its affordability, convenient location, and vibrant community. With common home prices ranging from $500,000 to $1.3 million and median monthly rent of $1,600 to $2,500, this town offers a range of affordable neighborhoods within reach of Washington, D.C. Although the cost of living is higher than in most of the country, annual living expenses are still lower, on average, than in Washington, DC.

This city of approximately 151,473 residents, just eight miles from the capital, provides a convenient option for those working in DC suburbs. Real estate in Alexandria presents opportunities for budget-friendly living, while its best restaurants, like Hanks Oyster Bar and Lenas Wood Fired Pizza, cater to diverse culinary tastes.

Residents can also explore historical sites such as George Washington's Mount Vernon and enjoy the lively Old Town Farmers Market. Alexandria strikes a balance between affordability and cultural experiences, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a cost-effective living option near D.C.


With a population of 42,734 located just 22 miles from the capital, Woodbridge provides affordable living options near DC. The town boasts a lower cost of living than the bustling city, allowing residents to enjoy a more economical lifestyle without sacrificing urban and suburban amenities like excellent parks, golf courses, and dining destinations. Covering nine square miles with a population density of 4,736.8 people per square mile, Woodbridge strikes a balance between convenience and affordability.

Moreover, the town maintains a reasonable median home price and rent, further enhancing its appeal for those seeking a mix of urban and suburban living experiences near Washington, DC. If you're looking for a place that offers affordability without compromising on essential amenities, living in Woodbridge, VA, could be the perfect fit for you.


Arlington, located just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC, presents a budget-friendly housing market for those seeking affordable living near the nation's capital. With home prices ranging from $600,000 to $1 million and monthly rent ranging from $1,800 to $2,400, Arlington homes for sale offer more cost-effective options compared to DC.

Arlington's proximity to Washington, DC, also means easy access to public transportation, diverse dining options, and numerous parks and recreational activities. This town allows residents to enjoy the benefits of a vibrant area while still being able to save on housing costs.


Fairfax, a town near Washington, DC, provides affordable housing options and a vibrant community for residents seeking proximity to the nation's capital. With a population of 23,620, homes in Fairfax range from $300,000 to $1 million, and monthly rent ranges from $1,700 to $2.400. Situated approximately 20 miles from Washington, DC, Fairfax serves as a convenient DC suburb in the United States. The town boasts a mix of affordable housing choices and a well-maintained community.

In Fairfax, residents can enjoy local attractions such as the EagleBank Arena, Bonds Escape Room, and the Army Navy Country Club. When it comes to dining, popular restaurants in Fairfax include Hamrocks Restaurant, P.J. Skidoos, and Marumen. Fairfax is a great place to live if you want affordable housing with short commutes to the capital.


Located about 10 miles from the nation's capital, McLean is known for its fun amenities and beautiful homes. However, the home prices (ranging from $800,000 to $3.4 million) make it slightly less accessible than other cheap communities near DC.

Additionally, the town boasts conveniently located schools and plenty of green spaces to enjoy. Keep in mind that while McLean may lean toward the pricier side, its amenities makes it a desirable location for those looking to live near Washington, DC.

Budget-Friendly Maryland Towns Near DC

Where to Find Affordable Living Near DC in Maryland

If you're seeking affordable living options near Washington DC, consider checking out Rockville, Frederick, and Silver Spring. These towns offer a mix of reasonable housing costs, vibrant communities, and convenient access to the nation's capital. Exploring these Maryland towns could lead you to find an affordable place to call home near the bustling DC area.


With a population of 67,133 residents, Rockville provides a mix of affordability and amenities. With home prices ranging from $300,000 to $900,000 585,000 and rent ranging from $1,500 to $3,300 per month, Rockville is a feasible option for those looking to buy or rent near DC.

Near Gaithersburg and Bethesda, Rockville boasts historic architecture and a lively atmosphere, including the popular Rockville Town Square. The population density of 4,934.9 people per square mile offers a peaceful suburban living experience while still being conveniently located near the city.


With a population of 85,000, Frederick is a great place to live near the nation's capital city. The town, spanning 23.9 square miles with a population density of 3,323.5 people per square mile, strikes a balance between space and community, making it a walkable and bikeable area.

Frederick boasts plenty of things to do, from exploring Gambrill State Park to enjoying a round of golf at a local course. Its home prices range from $245,500 to $900,00 and rent ranging from $1,200 to $1,800 provide residents with affordable housing options.

Silver Spring, MD

With its affordable living options and vibrant community, Silver Spring presents a compelling choice for those seeking budget-friendly housing in cities near Washington, DC. The downtown Silver Spring area is bustling with activity, offering a mix of entertainment, dining, and shopping options.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Wheaton Regional Park and the serene Sligo Creek provide tranquil settings for recreation and relaxation. Silver Spring boasts homes ranging from $300,000 to $800,000, making it an attractive option for individuals looking to save on housing costs without sacrificing amenities.

Don't Miss Out on These Charming Communities Near DC!

These areas offer a range of housing options at more manageable prices compared to the national average. With inviting neighborhoods, vibrant communities, and a balance between urban amenities and natural attractions, you can enjoy quality of life without breaking the bank. Choose one of these locations for a budget-friendly living experience in the DMV area.

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