Planning the Best City Tours in Alexandria, VA

How to Plan Your City Tours in Alexandria VAWhile nearby Washington D.C. may get more tourists, Alexandria VA has a wealth of history and culture just waiting to be discovered. With its brick sidewalks and preserved Old Town, newcomers and long-time residents alike can always learn something new about this truly diverse city. These tours are designed to give their patrons a reason to dust off their walking shoes or try on their sea legs.

Potomac Riverboat

The conveniently located river is the perfect backdrop to sail along and spot some of the most famous spots in the city. Visitors can see Georgetown, Mount Vernon, and National Park baseball stadium as they listen along to the narration of their guide. It's a good place to imagine what life must have been like for those who first came to this country. While exciting to be striking out somewhere new, the uncertainty may have left many feeling intimidated. The most recognized company for riverboat tours is the Potomac Riverboat Company, who also offer cruises for children and families. This tour is a good way to add an educational element to an otherwise standard family outing.

Colonial Tours

Just being in Alexandria VA is evocative of a very different era and going on a colonial tour is one way to take that sense of wonder to new heights. Alexandria takes pride in its famous history and has made every effort to ensure their 17th and 18th Century buildings get the care and attention they need to remain open to the public. For historical tours, Alexandria Colonial Tours offers a general history tour as well as an African-American history tour. These walking tours take guests through famous historical spots such as the stately Federal homes infamous cobblestones of the alleys. These outings give further context as to how Alexandria came to be what it is today, which can make everyone appreciate the city that much more.

Ghost Tours

Also run by Alexandria Colonial Tours, the Original Ghost & Graveyard Tour is one of the most popular and exciting ways to learn more about the city's past, and the supernatural element is a good way to work historical knowledge into a family's visit. Everything from the guide's costumes to their lantern takes visitors back in time, so they can really get to know some of the more colorful characters that have managed to shape the city's history. These tours are not only fun for all ages, but it's easier to soak up and appreciate the history when it comes with a few extra thrills.

D.C. Metro Food Tours

Some people would rather learn more about a city through its food and drinks and D.C. Metro Tours is more than happy to oblige the foodies of the city. While the name suggests the tours take place in a different city, they do offer a selection that will take guests through Old Town Alexandria VA. While the tour will certainly give its customers a taste of some of the best local specialties in the area, it will also point out the architecture of the city while explaining the culinary heritage of the city.

From war to peace and back again, this city has served as a reminder and bedrock of some of the most defining moments in our nation. To get a better idea of what it was really like and how far the city has come, try these tours today for a different slice of history.

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