Selling Your Home? How Drones Can Help Get It Done

How Drones Can Help Sell Your HomeReal estate photography has been around for a long time. Homeowners hoping to sell often turn to professional photographers to make their home look beautiful and charming for listings. While photography is essential for making a good home sale, it also has shortcomings. Many home buyers find that real estate photography leaves out important information that could be useful during the home search. Fortunately, there are many new forms of media that can help home sellers better market their home, as well as give buyers a sense of what a home is like.

The Problem With Standard Real Estate Photography

Standard real estate photography is used to create beautiful still images of homes, generally from the ground perspective. However, there are some problems with photography. The medium can be limiting.

  • No sense of space. Real estate photography does little to convey how large or spacious a home interior or yard really is.
  • No sense of layout. Seeing disparate images of the kitchen, living room, dining room and other parts of the house gives no sense of where any room is in relation to other rooms.
  • Stylistically limited. After a while, real estate photography can all start to look the same.

Hiring a good photographer can certainly help a home stand out for real estate listings. However, it's also important to use other forms of media to convey a real picture of what a property is like.

Drones Are the Answer

In recent years, real estate professionals have turned to drones to capture the style, space, and layout of a home. Drones are capable of swooping in the front door and veering around the house to give a buyer a sense of a home's character, space, and beauty. Drones can also capture shots of the home from high above, where the yard and the surroundings can truly be seen and appreciated.

What Is a Drone Anyway?

A drone is a small unmanned aircraft. A typical drone looks like a very small helicopter, with several propellors to help it fly. Drones are controlled by remote control and are surprisingly agile. A skilled person with a drone can fly his equipment over a Kingstowne house, in a front door, around the home and back out again.

Benefits of Drones

Drone videos create a cinematic experience for the home buyer. Drone footage can make looking at homes sale entertaining and can even compel a home buyer to go see a property that he or she may not otherwise consider.

The New Wave of Real Estate Tech

Drones are quickly becoming part of the real estate wave of the future. Real estate professionals and home sellers alike are utilizing this new technology, which allows home buyers to get a unique glimpse of the home they would like to buy.

What Drone's Can't Do

It's important to recognize that this technology can't meet all needs. Drones can't take focused stills. In addition, drones make imprecise movements. Homeowners who want to avoid taking images taken from a certain angle or of a certain part of the room may be better off with photos. In general, it's recommended that homeowners use a combination of photos and video, especially when selling a luxury home that sits on a large lot, in a unique location or which has a lot of space inside and outside the home.

Home sellers who want to sell their home quickly and add to the appeal of their property can do so with drone video. If you're a home seller wanting to find out more about the benefits of drones, contact your real estate professional today. He or she can tell you more about the many benefits of drones.

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