Buying An Alexandria Home

Buying a home is a complicated process, but as your expert Alexandria Realtors®, Your At Home Team will be with you through every step of the process. We have many years of experience in the Alexandria real estate market and know the market inside and out. We've put together this buyer guide to help you get started.

Step 1: Deciding What’s Right For You

Everyone has a different idea of what home means. That’s why Your At Home Team will take the time to gain a detailed understanding of what you’re looking for; what will be your deal-breakers; and what you can be flexible on. When we meet with you the first time, there is no obligation to choose us as your Realtors®. Just like you shop for a home, you should also shop for a Realtor® who will listen to your needs, understand your concerns and provide advice that will put your interests first. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients.

Step 2: Arranging Financing

Having pre-approved financing is the key to reducing the stress during the buying process. Speaking to a lender right at the beginning of the home buying process will help you understand what you can really afford and ensure there are no last minute hiccups once you’ve made an offer on your dream home. We always recommend that people shop around to find a lender they are comfortable with and we are happy to suggest lenders who we feel provide outstanding customer service.

Step 3: Viewing Homes

So this is the fun part of the home search, but it’s also the moment where you will really come to understand your wants and needs. There is only so much you can tell about a place from photos on the Internet. It’s once you step through the front door, you’ll know whether it could truly be home. During showings, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us what works for you and what doesn’t about each property and help us further refine the search.

Step 4: Making An Offer and Negotiating A Final Price

Now is the moment of truth. You’ve chosen the home you want, but will you get it? During the offer and negotiation process, our main concern will be keeping your best interests at the forefront of the process. Once you’ve signed the initial offer and the negotiation process begins, we will be in constant contact with you to ensure the purchase price and conditions meet your needs.

Step 5: Escrow & Inspections

Once you sign a purchase agreement and put down a deposit, you’re in escrow. That is when you’ll receive the seller disclosures of any issues they are aware of with the property and when you should have detailed inspections of the property done to ensure that everything is as advertised. At this stage, we will advise you on the sorts of research that needs to be done, including whether due to the age of the property, location or other factors, we’d advise inspections above and beyond the standard. Depending on what the inspections find, we may negotiate a credit for you at this stage.

Step 6: Closing

In Virginia, attorneys or title (settlement) companies are responsible for managing the legal administrative aspects of closing. They will research the property title history to ensure there are no issues. Once that is ready, you’ll review and sign all the loan documents and the loan funds will be sent to the closing agent. Then you’ll get the keys to your new home and we’ll be with you all the way.

Questions about the home buying process? We'll be happy to help. Get in touch with your At Home Team, now!

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