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Northern Virginia Transportion

Whether you need to commute on a daily basis, or simply want to get around from time to time, you will find a wide range of options are available throughout the Northern Virginia area.

Slug Lines in Washington DC - It may not be blessed with the most attractive of names, but Slugging is a convenient and efficient form of commuting unique to the Washington, DC area. In essence, it is a highly sophisticated car-pooling plan. Slugging is a well organized system, whereby vehicle owners transport passengers between specified pick-up and drop-off locations. It is a free service, and operates on a volunteer basis. The driver benefits from having passengers onboard, which allows them to use the faster high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.

Metro Rail and Bus System - The Metro System combines bus and rail services throughout Virginia and Washington DC. With a fleet of around 1500 passenger vehicles, Metrobus is among the largest bus systems in the country. The regional subway system Metrorail, is a highly efficient network which links the city and many of the popular suburbs on the outskirts of Washington DC. The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation also provides transit services throughout the area and the Virginia Railway Express offers a daily commuter service Monday to Friday.

Northern Virginia Commuter Resources - This is a great resource to help you determine the best commuting option. You'll find wealth of information from construction delays, to road conditions due to weather, to region commuting options.

Park and Ride commuter lots - Commuter lots are located throughout Northern Virginia and provide a variety of carpool and public transportation options.

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