Alexandria VA Foreclosure Guide

What is a foreclosure?

Foreclosure is a process that allows a lender to recover the amount owed on a defaulted loan by selling or taking ownership (repossession) of the property securing the loan. It is a termination of all rights of the homeowner covered by a mortgage.

What is the cause of a foreclosure?

The foreclosure process begins when a borrower/owner defaults on loan payments (usually mortgage payments). This may be due to several reasons; unemployment, divorce, medical challenges, terms of the loan, sick of property management, and even death.

What is the foreclosure process?

The foreclosure process begins when a borrower/owner defaults on loan payments (usually mortgage payments) and the lender files a public default notice, called a Notice of Default or Lis Pendens. The foreclosure process can end one of four ways:

  1. The borrower/owner reinstates the loan by paying off the default amount during a grace period determined by state law. This grace period is also known as pre-foreclosure.
  2. The borrower/owner sells the property to a third party during the pre-foreclosure period. The sale allows the borrower/owner to pay off the loan and avoid having a foreclosure on his or her credit history.
  3. A third party buys the property at a public auction at the end of the pre-foreclosure period.
  4. The lender takes ownership of the property, usually with the intent to re-sell it on the open market. The lender can take ownership either through an agreement with the borrower/owner during pre-foreclosure or by buying back the property at the public auction. These properties are also known as bank-owned or REO properties (Real Estate Owned by the lender).

Buying a foreclosure: What you need to know

Finding foreclosure properties

  • Work with a real estate agent that is experienced with REO transactions.
  • The majority, if not all, foreclosures in Northern Virginia are listed with a real estate agent.
  • Make certain you have a Buyer's Agent working for you. They will look out for your best interest.

Negotiating a purchase agreement

  • When you find your property of choice, your agent will work with you to determine property value.
  • The Northern Virginia foreclosure market is very competitive. It is not uncommon for a property to have multiple offers submitted. In this case, the banks will ask for a 'best and final'. This means you will have one more opportunity to submit your best offer.
  • If your offer is selected, there is an automated process that your real estate agent must patient. The process can take months.


  • The bank's primary goal is to get the highest bottom line possible. Don't count on the bank paying any closing costs.
  • Your goal as a buyer is to get the best possible price, considering location and property condition.Ā 

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